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2. The information contained within our website is provided for information purposes only.

3. From time to time Citrine Real Estate may run special offers and promotions through our website or through links with Third Parties. Information contained within these offers and promotions is provided in good faith but is not legally binding until formal documentation has been entered into by all parties subject to any agreement and until such time as formal agreements are entered into should only be considered as marketing material.


1. The information contained within this website and any associated documents that may be either (a)emailed or posted; (b)downloaded; (c)printed; or (d) verbally communicated are provided in good faith by Citrine Real Estate but should not be considered as authoritative legal, investment or tax advice.

2. Citrine Real Estate is acting as an agent to introduce buyers to sellers and will often facilitate this process through collaboration with other agents. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that details provided to prospective buyers is accurate Citrine Real Estate does not accept any liability whatsoever for any inaccuracies in any descriptions and or information provided by third parties.

3. Citrine Real Estate make no recommendation as to the suitability or otherwise of any property listed on our site. It is entirely the Buyers responsibility to ensure that they are satisfied with the property they select.

4. Citrine Real Estate highly recommend Clients to be fully and properly advised by Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Tax Consultants and Accountants with every transaction and before signing any official documents.

5. Citrine Real Estate will from time to time introduce Buyers and or Sellers to one or more of our Trusted Professionals. This introduction is exactly that "an introduction" and must not be considered as a formal recommendation. For professionals to be listed as a Citrine Real Estate"Trusted Professional" then an internal process has already been performed to ensure suitability to offer their services to Clients of Citrine Real Estate. We do not earn any commission from our Trusted Professionals, they have been selected through demonstration of professional services.

6. Certain pages offered on our Website have been provided in multi language formats for the convenience of our Clients who do not speak English. Although every effort has been made to translate the pages correctly, this has been achieved in some cases using Google Translate and may therefore contain errors, omissions, misunderstandings and other errors in translation. The reader should at all times refer to the English version for the correct intention and meaning of the text.


Citrine Real Estate operates a Customer Service Level Policy (CSLP) which we take very seriously. The following key points are extracts from our full Policy.

Citrine Real Estate will at all times be honest and transparent with their Clients in all matters.

Citrine Real Estate will at all times act in the best interests of their Clients.

Citrine Real Estate will respond to email enquiries through our website within 2 Business days.

Citrine Real Estate will return telephone messages received either into our general system or directly to an individual within 1 Business Day.



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